Cambodia Knits

Cambodia Knits (CK) produces a lovable range of handmade toys, making sure each individual piece receives the same care and attention that you will give it once you take it home!

A bonus of choosing one of their little critters is that your purchase empowers women through sustainable employment. CK believes that employment opportunities provide women with a path out of poverty, especially when their work is fairly paid and helps to address the challenges they face. CK also provide their producers with education stipends, emergency health care and annual eye care.

As a social enterprise, we invest in our communities because we believe that putting people ahead of profits results in a great product!

Products: Knitted and crocheted toys

Cambodia Knits website

Khmer Creations

Khmer Creations is a sustainable business that produces contemporary handmade jewellery and accessories. Khmer Creations provides skills training and secure employment to young women who have previously been working in exploitative jobs or are at risk of entering these industries due to lack of education and employment opportunities.

Khmer Creations was created with a vision to develop a creative business that would tangibly benefit Cambodian women and their communities. They fervently believe that women have the right to live peacefully, equitably and with the security of economic independence. Khmer Creations understand how quality product development and ethical trading can empower Cambodian producers to hold the key to their own bright future.

Products: Handmade jewelry, ties and pocket squares

Khmer Creations website


FAIRWEAVE is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand specializing in natural dyeing and hand weaving using fine natural fibers and premium Cambodian Golden Silk.

Designs and patterns are focused on integrating timeless values with Khmer traditional weaving techniques.

We offer exclusive hand-woven textiles for home and lifestyle with modern aesthetics. Every piece is handcrafted elegantly with dignity and respect by Khmer women.

Products: Scarves, clothing

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Buying clothes that have been made fairly does not have to mean sacrificing an appreciation for design or a love for beautiful things. The Dorsu  “way” is challenging the conventional approach of today’s fashion industry. Imagine a world where clothing isn’t seen as disposable and where ethical production isn’t seen as charity.

Dorsu provides fair and safe employment for its growing team. They source remnant cotton jersey from fabric suppliers in Phnom Penh, and financially support Chumkriel Language School.

Products: Men’s and women’s clothing

Dorsu website

Sra May

Sra May, meaning to dream/imagine in Khmer, is a social business initiative to empower young women in Cambodia by teaching them skills and providing them with the opportunity to earn extra income for their families.

Sra May believe in the beauty of local materials, like palm leaves and cotton krama scarfs. Sra May use  these materials to create unique products.

Products: Scarves

Sra May Facebook

Cambodian Living Arts

The mission of Cambodian Living Arts is to facilitate the transformation of Cambodia through the arts. CLA works in collaboration with others to create an environment where Cambodian arts empower and transform individuals and communities by encouraging the growth of artists and the arts community, by promoting awareness of the arts, and by advocating for the arts with cultural policymakers and major institutions. CLA believes that through creativity we can each expand our potential as human beings.

Products: Quality recordings of Khmer traditional music, t-shirts, tote-bags, storybooks

CLA website

Epic Creations

Epic Arts is an inclusive arts NGO, committed to education and empowering Cambodian people to see ability, not disability. Epics Arts uses the arts to work with people who have disabilities and those that do not, to promote the message that every person counts.

Epic Creations is a social enterprise developed by Epic Arts. Epic Arts students make the items as part of their learning, whether that be developing creative skills or exploring how to use the arts to make and learn basic business skills.

The profit from the Epic Creations goes straight back into Epic Arts programs to fund activities and to develop new creative business ideas.

Products: Cards, notebooks, printed t-shirts

Epic Arts website

Human and Hope

Human and Hope Association aims to alleviate poverty through grassroots, empowering projects focused on education, vocational training and community development.

Hope handicrafts are made by Cambodian women who graduated from the Human and Hope sewing program. All proceeds from the sale of their products support education and training opportunities for marginalized Cambodians.

Products: Homewares, bags, purses, crayon carrier

Human and Hope website

Fungo Poo Cards

Fungo Poo was initially set up to help raise funds for the elephant program at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre. Although the initial purpose was to raise much needed funds to care for an injured elephant, Fungo Poo cards also provided a profitable income source for its employees. The cards have become so popular that Fungo now partners with a local NGO called Children’s Communities Cambodia to provide support for education and employment for local families.

Products: Handmade greeting cards

Fungo Poo Facebook

Eco Chopsticks

Eco Chopsticks is a fair trade business that produces chopsticks from natural wood. Based in Steung Treng & Takeo provinces, Eco Chopstick works to alleviate poverty by providing economic independence to elderly people and women in rural areas. Eco Chopstick embraces the skills of its artisans to create sustainable, handmade products.

Products: Handmade Chopsticks, Spoon and Fork Covers

Eco Chopsticks Facebook

Bumblebee Cambodia Soap

Bumblebee Cambodia Soap make luxury handmade natural soap and beauty products, as well as soaps designed for hygiene in the developing world.

Bumblebee soaps feature premium virgin coconut oil made in Cambodia by Coco Khmer, Italian olive oil and silky smooth Australian castor oil. They blend the finest essential oils from Asia and around the world.

Your purchase of Bumblebee Cambodia Soap directly empowers young Cambodians to determine their own future through employment and education opportunities.

Products: Soap, lip balm

Bumblebee Cambodia Soap Facebook

Dawn Scent Candles

Dawn Scent Candles are homemade & hand poured by a Khmer lady, who truly loves candles. Every single candle is made from pure soy wax flakes with a blend of fragrance oil imported from America.

Dawn Scent Candles’ goal is to produce high quality, all natural scented candles, and to popularise natural scented candles in Cambodia.

Products: Candles

Dawn Scent Candles Facebook


Friends in Phnom Penh (Mith Samlanh”or “Close Friends”) runs a full child protection and social reintegration program that includes outreach on the streets and in marginalized communities, drop-in centers for street children, Transitional Homes for children separated from family, non-formal education and vocational training. It is the program’s goal that every child access education and every youth have the skills to obtain stable employment.

The program also supports at-risk groups, such as drug users and sex workers, to access rehabilitate and prevent sickness. In recent years, Mith Samlanh has increased its focus on youth employment, and provides specialized support through three Futures Office employment centres.

Products: Wallets, purses

Friends International website


Cleanbodia bags are made with cassava, a root vegetable grown throughout Southeast Asia. The cassava reduces plastic usage and allows Cleanbodia bags to biodegrade in under five years, whether it is in water, soil, or even buried in garbage. But just because they biodegrade doesn’t mean they are weaker. Filled with hot soup or produce from the market, Cleanbodia biodegradable bags are as strong as traditional plastic bags.

Cleanbodia website